These are Pvc heat shrinkable sleeve which are open at only one side & three side closed here upper side is sealed as per the customers requirement like in domb shape sealing, straight sealing etc.

Ameet Sleeve can be used as excellent marketing tool which offers variety of possibility of implementing sales activities such as combi_packs, promotional packs, free gifts, etc. It is effective, attractive, economical and quick mode of paking.

Range Available :
Width : 17mm to 800mm Thichkness : 0.025mm to 0.15mm

Shrink Ration :
Machine Direction - 10% to 20%
Transverse Direction - 40% to 50%

Standard Packing : Pouches(500 Pcs.)

Shrink Process :

For Reverse Printed Shrinkable Ameet Sleeves - Bottle, Jar, Can etc.

Ameet Can suggest the right kind of appliator machines and equipments from its associates for manual and automatic Shrink Sleeve application.

Ameet offers comprehensive service, while offering the ameet sleeves. The customer has to furnish container and details such as art work of design required with colour scheme. Rest of the development of Reverse Printed Shrinkable Ameet Sleeve also for other applications is undertaken by Ameet's creative and technical team to meet the customers requirements.

Storage : Due to built-in shrink properties, Ameet sleeve should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.