Capacitor Grade Film

Ameet Sleeve for Electrolytic Capacitors are used externally for necessary insulation to the Capacitors. A variety of Ameet Sleeve from very small and narrow ones to broad ones are produced as per customers requirement. It is available in various colours.

Advantages :

Physical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break, water absorption are guaranteed.
Electrical properties such as insulation is guaranteed.
Improvement on impact resistance is made so that the sleeved condensers are not broken when fall from heights.

Range Available :
Width 10mm to 150mm. Thickness 0.07 to 0.4mm

Tolerances :
Width+/-1mm Thickness +/-0.02mm upto 0.20mm
+/-0.05mm above 0.25mm

Shrink Ration :

Machine Directoin - 5% - 8% & 8% - 12% (as per customers)
Transverse Diection - 45% +/-5%

Standard Length : 50 / 100 / 200 meters.