Busbar Grade Film

Ameet Sleeve is being sued by leading switchgear manufacturers for insulation of Busbar for Low Tension Switchgears.

It is available in four different colours. i.e. Red, Yellow, Blue and Black.
Range Available :

Suitable for Busbars of 25mm to 200mm width and 6mm to 12.5mm thickness. The sleeve width from 17mm to 250mm. With standing voltage of 11kV & breakdown voltage of 15kv. Thickness 0.2mm
(Can also be offered in 0.4mm thcikness)

Tolerances : Width +/-mm. Thickness +/-0.03mm.

Shrink Ratio :

Machine Direction :
-10% to +/-20%
Transverse Direction : -45% to +/-5%

Standard Length :
100 meters.

Ameet Sleeve For General Packaging :

Ameet Sleeves open up multiple opportunities for security, product design, promotional packs, etc. Ameet sleeve makes the product dustproof and moisture proof. It also gives gloss and distinct superiority to the products.