Battery Grade Film

Ameet Sleeve is widely used for insulation of Dry Cell Batteries. It is high quality sleeve which can meet in particular speed of automatic sleeve applicator machines. For quality stability, particular attention is given to chemical, thermal and electrical resistance.

Ameet sleeve is used internally for making the Battery Cells leakproof. It is also used externally for twin or multiple pack of Battery Cells.

Advantages :

Good insulation is imparted to Battery cells
Efficient of Battery Cell is increased as leakage is prevented.
Protection against damage due to leakage of corrosive chemicals from cell to expensive equipments in which batteries are used.
Labels of Battery Cells are protected and lamination effect is given. The pack is made pilfer proof.

Range Available :

Internal / External use-
UM1, UM2, UM3, UM3D (D, C AA & AAMJ) or R-20, R-14, R-5 & R-6 Heavy Duty

Tolerances :

Width+/-0.5mm Thickness +/-0.01mm

Shrink Ratio :

Machine Direction - 15%+/5% depending upon sizes.
Transverse Direction - 50%+/-3% depending upon sizes.

Standard Length :

500/750 Meters.