Welcome to Ameet Group

In packaging business we are the largest as well as the fast growing company to produce PVC Heat shrinkable multicolour label, BOPP Labels, Laminates, Preform Caps, Battery Grade film, Capacitor grade film, Busbar grade film, pouches , cut pieces & roll forms.etc.

In India we are continuously diversifying to meet new challenges and reach new horizons.


We cater to many Industries

arrow Cosmetics
arrow Pharma
arrow Personal Care
arrow Perfumes
arrow Mineral water
arrow Foods & Beverages
arrow Paint
arrow Dairy
arrow Electrical & Electronics
arrow Pesticide , etc

Why Our Products ?

tickExcellent printability
tickResistant to moisture
tick Good mechanical properties
tick Excellent transparency
tick High shrinking capacity
tick Excellent electrical insulation properties

Ameet Group is an ISO (ISO 9001:2000) certified organization with registration No:- RQ91/5391 , hence, it has always been our main forte to satisfy all customers efficiently.
We have a enough production capacity to meet the mass production for various products, upon request. Please feel free to contact with your custom requirements.

We would like to invite you now to find out more about us.